Thursday, November 04, 2010


A bit of confution today.
Theme is either "Atari" or “Sequels that were
never made.” I started doing one before it changed
but no matter!

I combined them!

Next year will see Atari re-enter the field of
video games with “Look Who’s Talkin’ Bout a
Battlefield Earth 3000” the video game (to be followed
by the movie of the same name).

Creepy talking baby Mikey is “assumptin-ated” in the
year 3000 to help his criminon prison-escapee(holographic) dad
(Played by John Travola) find their Thetan source
and and kill Psychlos for life points. Baby Mikey
is voiced this time around by an assumptin-ated
Charles Nelson Reilly!

Myself and others in my studio have created
a "group" Sketch blog, and you can see my morning sketches as
well as others artists most everyday at this address:

see the other studio sketches today at:

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